I inspire and empower occupational therapists to create nature based programs, services and businesses with a proven process and amazing community!
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If you’re wondering what nature based occupational therapy looks like, what the evidence is, how you could include nature in YOUR work, or you’re curious about something new then you’re in the right place. Download the free ‘Nature OT Starter Kit’ and see what is possible for nature in all areas of OT practice.

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A ‘different’ way of delivering occupational therapy because people feel better and are healthier when they are connected with nature.



Occupational therapy & nature

cOnnecT with nature

’I help occupational therapists in all areas of practice develop nature based programs, services and businesses WITHOUT having to start from scratch.

You can start small, or go ‘all in’ and bring JOY into your work day. 

cOnnecT with nature is the group coaching program for occupational therapists internationally. Explore, create and implement evidence based ways of having more nature in your OT work.

Make a real difference for your clients and community (and you!).

You have found a home, a community, connection and a proven pathway.'


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If you’re an occupational therapist looking for ways to include more nature in your work, join my community of nature loving OTs in my free facebook group.

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