NatureOT @The Nature Festival 2021

Nature connection events for everyone - wherever you are

Celebrate and connect with nature this spring
Events delivered by a nature based occupational therapist

On-line events
(Join from anywhere in the world)

Wednesday 29th September 7-8pm 
(Adelaide - ACST)

Friday 1st October 2-3.30pm 
(Adelaide - ACST)

Nature OT unplugged - in-person events 

(Adelaide & Fleurieu Peninsula South Australia)

Saturday 25th September 10am-12.30pm (Adelaide ACST)

Sunday 26th September 9-11.30am
(Adelaide - ACST)

Sunday 26th September 2-4.30pm
 (Adelaide - ACST)

Monday 27th September 10am - 12.30pm 
(Adelaide - ACST)

Tuesday 28th September 5.30-6.30pm 
OR 6.30-7.30pm(Adelaide - ACST)

Sat or Sun 2/3 October 10am-12.30pm
(Adelaide - ACST)

Sunday 3rd October 2-4.30pm
(Adelaide - ACST)

The NatureOT - Bronwyn Paynter 

Want to check Bronwyn out? 
Here's some of Bronwyn's story about WHY she works with 
nature as an occupational therapist 
...and a taste of Forest Bathing.

Gardening Australia (Australian national weekly gardening TV show) 
OT and Forest Bathing with Bronwyn

National Parks & Wildlife Service (South Australia)
Forest Bathing with Bronwyn - Deep Creek National Park

As seen at...

OT Australia Private Practice Forum 2018

Flourish, nature based OT & Nature and Wellbeing Australia collaboration to provide evidence based wellbeing experiences in, with and for nature.

OT Australia National Conference 2019

Using nature as an intervention modality - a review of evidence and implementation strategies

Australian Social Work Conference 2019

Justice for people AND the planet: nature connection as a pathway to wellbeing

OT Entrepreneur Summit 2020

The Priceless Value of Getting Coaching to Help Grow and Scale Your Business

OT Australia Virtual OT Exchange 2020

Growing a nature based on-line OT business during COVID-19

OT Association of Morocco conference 2021 (invited speaker)

The opportunity provided by partnering with nature in OT practice to support wellbeing

Australian Association of Bush & Adventure Therapy Association Forum (Oct 2021)

Forest Bathing workshop +
How to market your nature based wellbeing offer

Wellness Tourism Summit (Nov 2021 invited speaker)

Wellness Tourism Champion Insight - Forest Bathing

Featured on these podcasts.. 

(links to watch and listen here - like a Netflix binge...)

(Bel Ryan) 2019

Human nature
(watch it here on YouTube)

OT Lifestyle Podcast 
(Rhiannon Crisp) 2021

Weaving nature into the fabric of our work
(watch it here on YouTube)

Want more? Join the OT Wellbeing Summit here!2021

OTs gone Rogue 
(Melissa La Pointe) 2021

Flourishing through nature, connection 
and sustainability
(Listen here)

OTs Get Paid 
(Trish Williams) 2021

Selling high ticket offers
(Listen here)

To a Life well occupied
(Kary Gillenwaters) 2021

Talking nature
(Listen here)

Are you an occupational therapist interested in nature?

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